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Seed Planting Chart

If you grow a variety of herbs and vegetables from seed, it can be exasperating trying to remember how close or how far to plant what, where, and when.

I was thrilled to find my very first growing diary from April 2011, or 10 years ago! I can’t believe the notes I took back then and how ridiculously ambitious I was trying to grow what looks like every vegetable and herb out there. We all know that was a disaster, as disclosed in my last blog, and it was 7 years before attempting to grow from seed again. Now I’ve got it down to an Art.

Actually, I would not be surprised if DIY gardening books are written by folks like me with hundreds of pages of gardening notes and plot layout sketches that are eventually organized, purged and updated. Maybe one day...

In the meantime, here’s my easy-to-use, handy-dandy Growing Chart to help when sowing and transplanting your seedlings:

Remember, some plants such as dill and butternut squash have very sensitive roots, which is why I always use and recommend bio/compost pots for all indoor homegrown seedlings.


Early Spring Garlic maintenance...

It didn't take long for these darlings to break ground. First time growing Garlic and from what I've read, there will be regular feeding, mulching, weeding and pruning to be done for a successful harvest. Bring it on.

Early Spring weather...

At least once every April we’re reminded of how cruel Canadian weather can be. It's snowing today so out with the ground covers to protect our lettuce and spinach sprouts, sigh...


But, It's official. Growing Season has begun and that makes me very happy:


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