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D.I.Y. Growing

It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of the year. Spring has arrived! and if you intend on growing your own food from seed, now is the time to get your ‘plan’ into action.

My first attempt at growing was overwhelming, and a disaster. Seed packages for most herbs and veggies provide instructions for planting both indoors and out, leaving you scratching your head wondering which option to consider.

Some seeds, such as carrots, can only be sowed outdoors but from my experience, a few plants definitely DO perform much better when started indoors.

This is my tried, tested and it works! growing guide here in Eastern Ontario, 1.5 hrs east of Toronto where temps are always 5 degrees cooler than the city:

Your indoor growing space needs to be clean, warm and dry. Heating pads will speed up germination but I can’t imagine how many more extension cords would be needed for that. Instead, lights are on 16 hours a day when seed is first planted and then 8-10 hours/day after they are established. Lukewarm water, always. If you have pets - especially cats - you’re going to have to find a way to keep those curious creatures away from your sprouting gems.

Seedlings are then climatized (hardened) outside for at least a week before planting in late May and early June. Canadian weather can be challenging for growers so it’s good to have row covers on hand in case of cold nights.

Now let's get GROWING! Click Here to find Seeds, Garden Centres, Nurseries, and everything else you need for D.I.Y. Growing.

Also, visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe for gardening tips, country living, fun with animals and some other surprises.

Disclaimer: Good Luck to all you pros and newbies out there. Above guide is how I grow and conditions are different in every situation so please don’t blame me if you fail. Follow instructions on your seed package, take notes, and don’t forget to talk to your seedlings.


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