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Veggie Friends and Foes

Who doesn’t love this time of year? I am beyond excited prepping and watching the gardens start to grow. And with this upcoming May 2-4 long weekend, combined with exceptionally warm weather, you can bet, rain or shine, the gardens here will be all planted and ready for this year’s growing season.

Since we're constantly trying to improve growing conditions, I’ve finally prepared a chart for companion planting which will make things a little easier when deciding what to plant where:


In the meantime...

Last autumn's planted Garlic is thriving and getting regular feedings every other week. Garlic Scapes coming soon!

The homegrown tomato plants are my pride and joy, and for the first time this year, did not have to purchase any seedlings.

It is best to grow all cruciferous veggies under covers rather than spraying and/or picking off worm infestations later in the season.


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