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Thinning | Weeding | Watering

Nurseries and seed companies are thriving as more people attempt to grow their own food. Growing and consuming food that you grow using organic inputs will be the best you’ll ever have.

The gardens may be planted but this is not the time to sit back and relax. You’ve come this far so let’s make sure your hard work pays off. LET'S WORK...


When you plant from seed, you typically plant more than needed. Once they start sprouting you want to thin out excess seedlings per recommended spacing instructions. Otherwise they’re just not going to grow properly . So keep this in mind when planting lettuce, spinach, kale, swiss chard, cilantro, dill, carrots, etc.



You don’t want your newly planted seedlings to compete with any unwanted growth that is already well-established hiding under the earth. In case you haven’t noticed, growth is exploding everywhere so you’re best to tackle those weeds now in their infant stage to provide your seedlings the necessary space to grow unimpeded.



Essential! Everyday! Yes, this is correct. You want to make certain your seedlings and established plants are well watered, especially when first planted. Be forewarned, tomatoes demand A LOT of water.

Ideally a good evening rainfall would be great, especially if you have rain barrels ;-)



Already enjoying garden fresh lettuce, kale, parsley and look at those basil leaves!

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