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Scything for Hay

…'cause why not when it’s there for the taking? This was once upon a time sufficient for the gardens. But since expanding our back plot this spring, we’ll use this there. For the main plot, it's straw this year, which is much easier to work with.

It's very important to prepare the gardens before laying down your ground cover. This includes weeding, and removing those bottom plant sucker leaves, especially your tomato plants.

Composting your plants now is also beneficial especially if it’s your own. Laying down a ground cover however, is the ultimate gift you can give your gardens. This not only helps maintain soil moisture, especially during hot summer days, but it also helps suffocate new weed growth.

Now it's time to sit back and relax. There will be much work ahead but take the opportunity to enjoy watching your gardens thrive. Don’t forget to water.



Not only one of my Favourite culinary herbs, this is also my first go-to bug bite remedy for immediate relief. Bruise a leaf and rub directly on the bite. Another reason to grow this amazing versatile plant everywhere in your gardens.

For more serious bites, also rub apple cider vinegar on the bite (preferably organic, but you definitely want the "mother" in it) . Tried, Tested and True. Localizes the sting and the sooner you apply it, the better.



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