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Gardens & Wild Flowers

When the Poppies make their appearance in late spring, I can breathe a sigh of relief that frost is most likely behind us, meaning the gardens should be safe, right? Well last week’s winter blast was a not-so-friendly reminder that we DO live in Canada, so you can never be too careful.

I was very happy to have purchased extra garden row covers this year, which have come in very handy so far. And since peppers and tomatoes LOVE the heat, these will stay in place for now.

The Art of growing food continues to be a passion for both my partner and I. We were still living in the city our first year growing. We had a ‘decent’ size backyard and after the kids got older, we converted a small area to grow some cucumbers and tomatoes. We were blown away with what was harvested that summer and little did we know we would end up here a year later. From humble beginnings, 13 years later, we know how best to take advantage of our short growing season.


And then there's the variety of wild flowers, weeds and herbs that call this property home. As much as I would love to keep a log of everything that grows around here, this would take much more dedication than I have time for. Instead, I’ll use this platform to post some of my favourite blossoms that grace us with their presence throughout the year.

Exhibit A, early spring:


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