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Fresh Water. Essential for every living species, we were thrilled to learn we had a ‘seasonal’ creek streaming through our woodlot property. But it would take years before realizing this natural wonder occurs annually and it is beyond breath taking.

We live in the Oak Ridges Moraine which has been described as Ontario’s rain barrel and is considered one of the most significant landforms in Ontario. The Moraine is 150m deep and gets its name from rolling hills and river valleys. Its most prized feature is hidden deep beneath the ground’s surface. Water.


Without getting too boring, it was interesting to learn just how precious this landscape actually is. One of the Moraine’s most important functions is as a water recharge and discharge area. With its permeable sand and gravels, it absorbs and collects water quickly, and slowly recharges the deep aquifers below the ground. The clean and cold water that bubbles up from this aquifer feeds over 65 river systems, including Toronto’s Humber, Don & Rouge Rivers.


The Oak Ridges Moraine stretches 160km from the Niagara Escarpment in the west to the Trent River system in the east, and unfortunately is always under threat of new development, especially in areas north of Toronto. And we all know the almighty dollar usually always wins…

It was probably year 5 or 6 when we first noticed our forest under water. It was shocking and a bit concerning wondering if all that water was going to reach the house. So, we figured it was time to clean and chisel out a new path for our creek. It was an all-day affair with our pitch forks and garden shovels and we were covered in mud by the time we were done. We were also hoping with fingers-crossed that our “seasonal” creek would extend all year round… Well, that didn’t happen. But at least that creek was ready for the next spring melt. HA! What we did was just help the water gush with unobstructed full force which over-spilled its banks and transformed the landscape in less than 6 hours. It was quite incredible. Needless to say, we no longer maintain the creek...

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