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2020 Summer Eats

It's been a fun growing season with many plants still thriving in the gardens. We love working with a variety of fruits and vegetables which allows us to create wonderful meals, dips and sauces:


Rumor had it, the best corn is harvested, cleaned and immediately added to boiling water. Simmer 50 minutes to an hour, with a bit a butter, and no exaggeration; melt in your mouth goodness. Best corn ever.


Jalapenos were a pleasant surprise after a very late start growing these hotties from seed. They did not disappoint and in fact, are currently under garden covers still doing their thing. We absolutely love jalapenos and this hot sauce knocked me on my a**. So good.


These plants were massive, producing beautiful tasty zukes. Versatile in so many dishes, the almighty zucchini can be very intimidating once you start harvesting - like non-stop. Feta Fritters have been addictive but chocolate chips in zucchini bread is an absolute game changer.


I'm always amazed how many tomatoes yield from one tiny little seed. The work involved in growing tomatoes is totally worth the effort because there really is no comparison to store bought. From frozen tomatoes to a variety of sauces, we're well stocked until next growing season, thank you very much.

All the while, feeding these beauties with milkweed plants all throughout the gardens:

Save the Monarchs!!!


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