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Prepping the Gardens

Updated: May 19, 2020

My favourite time of the year despite the hard work involved. Too bad May 2020 has been exceptionally cold and my patience is wearing thin. Needless to say, nothing yet in the ground but triple mix has been delivered with much of it spread around the gardens. Here we go...


Successful gardens require annual crop rotation. Some plants are incompatible with others so it is always a good idea to get to know your plants. Composted horse manure, if you can get it; now is the time to mix it all in.


Water Storage

Is essential especially if you're on a well. Our sump pump is a 24-hour water source in spring. That's when we clean and fill these food grade holding tanks with fresh groundwater for later use in our gardens. Nicely stored in the shady woods, yet easily accessible to the gardens.


The Future is Growing

Stay tuned for stories related to growing your own fresh organic herbs and vegetables. Learn which Herbs are perennial, meaning they can withstand our harsh winters and provide for us year after year. Still waiting for our Chives to sprout.


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